About Us

The Fountain House Chiangmai miracle of garden

THE FOUNTAIN HOUSE is pleased to present ceramic works imported from Vietnam, available in various styles to meet the decorating needs of both interior and beautiful garden enthusiasts. Following the concept of ‘WE ADD BEAUTY TO YOUR HOME AND GARDEN,’ our Vietnamese ceramic and porcelain products have a long and rich history, dating back thousands of years. They have continuously evolved, playing a significant role in trade between Vietnam and neighboring countries throughout various eras, including the present modern era.

We still have traditional production facilities that use large-sized kilns, measuring 5 meters wide and 35 meters long, divided into up to 12 chambers. The pieces are arranged in ascending levels like a staircase and wood is used as the fuel source.”

The Fountain House are fountain and ceramic furniture store. Every product in our store made by exclusive handcrafted , unique style with cultural artifacts.

You can meet new collection every time when visit to shop. We update new collection of fountain ceramic and terra cotta more style.

Every design mix color art refect nature and water. also you can give exclusive gift by our product.

The Fountain House have 2 shops in “Kamthieng Flower Market” (Back of Lotus market at Kamthieng). Grand opening at 24 august 2015 in name The ceramic house and now change name to The fountain house because present main product is fountain.

Open now – New shop at Maehia Chiang Mai of The Fountains House